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All our teachers are qualified to teach integration courses, language courses Dutch and courses to prepare for the Staatsexamen NT2 Programma I & II. They at least completed the post-graduate study for ‘NT2 teacher’, or Dutch as second language teacher. But more importantly, all teachers are enthusiastic and motivated to get the best out of every student.



Wouter Schambergen

“In my free time I like to play sports and travel to faraway countries. As an athlete and entrepreneur I know better than anyone that growth- and learning processes come with ups and downs. This background helps me to recognize these processes when others go through it. With my enthusiasm and humor I motivate people in difficult times. I help them with building a new future in the Netherlands. I see people making promotion at work and social contacts in their private lives. “Simply” by mastering the language. It gives me energy that I can contribute to the lives of my students”


Toos Kusters

Years ago Toos founded the company Kusters Scholing & Training. What started small has grown into a professional organization, where at all times the results of students come first.

Magna docent Nederlands

Magna Ottenheim

“For me the Dutch language is the key to good communication. Communication is give and take. With a lot of passion for the Dutch language I help newcomers improve their communication. Horizon has broadened my horizons in many ways. Prior to Horizon I worked as a teacher and Dutch language coordinator at a secondary school. After six years I felt it was time for a new challenge to develop my profession. I am happy to have found this challenge in Horizon: a small school where quality and development of the students are the most important keywords.”



“I take care of the administrative issues surrounding the integration process. Contracts, invoices, test applications are some of the tasks I execute. The gratitude you get from the students and their enthusiasm makes that every day I go to work with a smile on my face.”


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