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About us

We organize integration courses and Dutch language classes for individuals, companies and institutions. We assist you in your preparation for the naturalization exam and organize courses to prepare for the Staatsexamen NT2 Programma I and NT2 Programma II (state examination).


Our approach

Partners and students define us as a small-scale, qualitative, involved and professional organization. That is why we only work in small groups up to 12 people. We think it is important that each student participates in a program that fits his or her language and thinking level. To achieve this we pay great attention to the composition of the groups and the one-on-one intake meeting. With our small classes, involved teachers and carefully selected groups, we aim to create a pleasant environment where students feel at home. Everything we do is focused on the development and growth of each student so that everyone is ensured to reach his or her highest achievable personal goals.

Blik op Werk quality mark

The Dutch government want the quality for integration courses to be as high as possible. To regulate this they introduced the quality mark Blik op Werk. Immigrants can get a loans for the integration course, but only when the course is taken at a company that owns this certification label. Horizon has this label. Download en view this label (in Dutch).

More information about financing your course

The annual satisfaction survey from Blik op Werk shows that our students appreciate our service and education with a 8.8 average!

Our team

All our teachers are qualified to teach integration courses, courses to prepare for the Staatsexamen NT2 Programma I & II and language courses Dutch. They at least completed the post-graduate study for ‘NT2 teacher’, or Dutch as second language teacher. But more importantly, all teachers are enthusiastic and motivated to get the best out of every student.

Meet the team
Horizon training


Our you someone who likes to help people? People who are not born in the Netherlands (family reunifications, migrant workers etc.) and don’t properly know the Dutch language yet. Do you want to offer people a good chance of succeeding in Dutch society? Then quickly click on the button below as we are looking for colleagues on a regular basis!

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