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Financing your integration 

An integration course and exam costs money. You can get a loan for the payment of the integration course and exam fees via de Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, or the DUO. This office of education is part of the government.



Cost of an integration course

The cost of an integration course is different for everyone because each learning process is different. As learning Dutch is very easy for some people and extremely difficult for others. Prices for integration course start at € 800 (evening course for college/university educated people) and can go up to € 6,000 for lower educated immigrants. In addition to the cost of the course, you must  also take the integration exam fees into account. The complete exam has a fixed price of € 350.

How can I pay for my integration course?

You can get a loan for the payment of the integration course and exam fees via de Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, or the DUO. The amount of the loan depends on the joint income and be up to € 10,000. The interest rate is currently 0.01% (2016).

Do I also qualify for a loan?

Provided that the income is not too high, almost every immigrant is permitted to get a loan. Also immigrants from a EU or EEA-country, Turkey or Switzerland, which are not obliged to do integration course, are able to loan for the course and exam fees at DUO.

For which courses can I get a loan?

You can get a loan for almost al our courses:

  • A literacy course
  • An integration course
  • A Dutch as second Language course (NT2)

On top of that, you can get a loan for the exam fees for both the integration exam and the Staatsexamen NT2 (State examination Dutch as a second language) programma I and II.

Financiering inburgeren

Do I need to arrange the administration myself?

No, we will take care of all administration when you register for an integration course at Horizon. After you and your partner have checked and signed the invoice, we will send it to DUO and take care of the rest.

Do I need to start paying money directly?

At the start of the course, you don’t  have to pay anything yet. Six months after obtaining your integration diploma you start paying back your loan. The amount of this monthly payback depends on the total amount of the loan and the interest rate that applies at the time. You have 10 years to payback your loan.

Blik op Werk certification mark

Important! You can only get a loan at DUO when taking a course at a school that has the Blik op Werk certification mark. With this label the government wants to maintain the high quality of integration. Horizon is aspirant label holder.

Horizon integratie blik op werk

More information

You can find more information at www.inburgeren.nl
Download the loan application form here
Calculate the maximum amount of your loan here


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