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Preparation temporary residence permit (MVV)

People who want to stay in the Netherlands for a long period of time need a temporary residence permit. In Dutch better known as the ‘machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf’ or MVV. To get this permit you need to complete the ‘Basisexamen Inburgering’ at the embassy or the consulate general in the country of origin. We can help you prepare for this exam.


About the course:

Type of course: customized – private lessons

Course duration: 2 to 10 lessons

Course schedule (days): Monday to Friday

Course schedule (times): daytime

Location: Venray

Price: on request

For who?

  • You are in the Netherlands on a tourist visa
  • You wish to move to the Netherlands
  • You come from a country outside the European Union
  • You need a temporary residence permit (Machtiging voor Voorlopig Verblijf/MVV)


  • Are the classes individual or in groups?

    This course is completely customized to your needs so you can learn at your own pace

  • Do I have homework?

    Yes, after the first lesson you will get a lot of homework for the next meeting. The more devoted you work on the assignments, the faster you finish the exam and the lower costs.

  • Will I take the exam when I am still in the Netherlands?

    No, you need to take the exam at the embassy or consulate-general in the country of origin.

  • Who will be my teacher?

    Who your teacher is depends on several factors. But we can assure you that all of our teachers are very experienced and motivated to help you reach your goals. Read more about our team.


More information

We can help you or your partner prepare for the ‘Basisexamen Inburgering’ during a stay in the Netherlands on a tourist visa. We will start with a brief introductory meeting which is directly followed by the first one hour lesson. After the first lesson you will get advice on the continuation of the course. On average it is necessary to follow between 2 and 10 private lessons in order to successfully complete the exam. After returning to the country of origin, you will take the exam at the embassy or consulate-general. Thus the temporary residence permit (MVV) can be obtained.

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They welcomed me with open arms and were understanding towards my situation.

- Lara, Ukraine

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