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Alejandro, Mexico

I’m Alejandro, I’m from Mexico. I came to the Netherlands to live with my girlfriend. In Mexico, I studied civil engineering. Immediately after I got my diploma, I came to the Netherlands.

In the beginning I found it difficult to get used to the Dutch weather, but now I’m used to it. I  also experienced difficulties with the language.

// This review is a translation from the original Dutch review //

Because I was required to naturalize in the Netherlands and because I wanted to learn the language, I started looking for a school.

I found Kusters Scholing & Training (Horizon) through their website and I must say I’m really glad I found them. It was not always easy to combine school and work, but the teachers were always friendly, the location is great, the building is beautiful and the teachers were always there to help me through the process of integration. Therefore I would highly recommend Kusters Scholing & Training (Horizon) to other students.

Within a year I achieved the level for the official integration examination. Because I enjoyed my time at Kusters Scholing & Training (Horizon) and because I wanted to   further develop my language skills, I decided to study at Kusters for another year. I started in September 2014 and I received my diploma for the State examination NT2 Programma I in April 2016! Thanks to this language level I just found a new and challenging job.

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