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Ammar, Syrie

I am Ammar, I come from Syria but I am originally from Palestinian origin. In 2004 I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Aleppo. Since then I worked as a doctor until 2014. Being a doctor is more than a job for me, it is a passion. Unfortunately I had to leave my country in 2014 because the situation was very dangerous because of the war.

When I came to the Netherlands, I had a lot of difficulties adapting. It was not easy to deal with a completely new environment (new culture, new people, new habits and the most important new language). Sometimes I felt frustrated, but I was motivated to get back to my job and make a better future.

Learning Dutch was the most important step to take. Many people recommended Kusters (Horizon). In April 2015 I started my Dutch course at Kusters (Horizon) and after a year I got my B2 certificate. That was very fast!

I am thankful that everything I needed was right there at Kusters (Horizon) (professional teachers, charming atmosphere, friendly way of dealing).

In September I’m going to Maastricht University to get my Masters degree, and that would have never been possible without the language skills I have now. I will always remember my pleasant time at Kusters (Horizon). My advice: learning a new language has to do with motivation.. if you have no motivation, work on that!

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