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Hue, Vietnam

My name is Hue and I’m 29 years old. I come from Vietnam and lived in Ho Chi Minh City until March 2015. I worked there as an Office Manager and Coordinator for an international Japanese construction company (Nippon Koei) for 7 years.

I have a bachelors degree focusing on the English language and culture. And just before I came to the Netherlands, I have completed a masters degree in economics and management.

In November 2012 I met my current partner. He was traveling through Asia for four months. We met in a café in Ho Chi Minh City. Ultimately, it would take until March 2015 before we could really be together. Prior to the day I moved to the Netherlands I have visited the country three times. The beginning was not easy because I missed my family and friends and had to get used to life in the Netherlands. Work is important to me and it was, and still is, quite difficult to find a job that matches my education.

My husband found the school via internet and was already informed about the possibilities prior to my arrival. Fortunately, a new class started just two weeks after I arrived in the Netherlands. I took classes at Kusters Scholing & Training (Horizon) for over a period of one year.

The teachers taught me a lot in a short time. They are professional and very helpful. We studied in a small groups which made personal attention very easy. In addition to learning the Dutch language, I learned a lot about Dutch culture and society.

I got to know many other students and I still see some of them in my spare time. Without a doubt I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn the Dutch language.

The training prepared me for my examination on B2 level, and I passed! I am now able to go to a Dutch College or University! After just one year, I can now communicate in Dutch. I can speak with my Dutch family and friends! Currently am a qualified yoga teacher and I work part-time for a logistics company in Venray.

It requires hard work to learn the Dutch language but if you succeed you will benefit in many ways. In the beginning you have to try, no matter how difficult that may be, to speak, read and listen Dutch as often as possible. This allows you to learn the language faster!

Finally, I would once again like to thank the teachers Wouter and Toos for the quality of the lessons!

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