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Lara, Ukraine

Hi, I’m Lara de Vaal and I am from Ukraine. After my first vacation in the Netherlands, in the summer of 2012 visiting my husband, I immediately started my preparations for the examination for a temporary residence permit (MVV).

In February 2013 I took the exam on the Dutch embassy in Kiev and passed! After that I said goodbye to my friends, resigned and within three months I moved to the Netherlands to live with my husband.

Due to of my personal situation I did not have enough time to attend the integration course. However, this did not hold me back! I contacted Kusters Scholing (Horizon) in Venray. They welcomed me with open arms and were understanding towards my situation.

Wouter has then made a personal study plan. The plan implied 90% self-study (under the guidance of my husband) and 10% one-on-one study with Wouter and my husband.

On 4 January 2016 I took my first class and on 3 May 2016 I passed my frist two exams! The other exams followed in late May and early June. For some tests I needed a second time to pass but finally in September 2016 I finished the entire examination! A month later I went back to pick up my diploma.

Together with my husband I have spent many hours in the books and on the computer. Sometimes even up to 50 hours a week! Without the personal study plan and a large dose of self-discipline, I would not never have achieved this goal.

For this I will always be grateful for Wouter and his team!


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