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We’ve achieved our goal when a student feels at home. Both at our school and in the Netherlands. The success stories of our students make us proud and motivate us to continue working on the curriculum, teaching methods and organization. And our students notice that… Last year we scored a 9.4 in the satisfaction survey of Blik Op Werk! Read through the experiences of a number of our students.


They welcomed me with open arms and were understanding towards my situation.

- Lara, Ukraine

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Hue review

In addition to learning the Dutch language, I learned a lot about Dutch culture and society.

- Hue, Vietnam

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Ammar review

In September I’m going to Maastricht University to get my Masters degree, and that would have never been possible without the language skills I have now.

- Ammar, Syrie

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Alejandro review

The teachers were always friendly, the location is great, the building is beautiful and the teachers were always there to help me through the process of integration!

- Alejandro, Mexico

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